The world of virtual reality is quickly growing, as more and more people are choosing virtual reality over regular reality. There is VR products for many uses, such as gaming, videography, and training. Now, there are more VR products that helps with green screen effects. The best green screen software supports users to create virtual green screen environments. The software is also useful for video editing, graphic design, web design, and other similar applications.

For gamers, green screen software is the most important piece of technology you can have in your gaming arsenal. A green screen is not only for video effects, but also for video recording and green screen compositing. So, if you’re a gamer and you still don’t know what green screen is, then you’re in for a treat.

Green screen software is a hardware and software combination that allows the user to project images in front of a green, blue, or black background and then create video and film effects. Green screen software also allows the user to incorporate a green or blue screen into a video or film.

Creating and editing videos has become very common these days. Gone are the days when movies and videos were only shot on the big screen by professional filmmakers. Things have changed since then. Nowadays, it is very easy for people to create videos, edit them and upload them to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. In most cases, they also receive a salary. Videographers always need a green screen for filming. The green screen plays a very important role in improving the quality of the video by changing the background. The green screen can also be used to apply special effects to any video. However, the cost of organizing a green background and its complete installation is quite high. There was a time when only professional photographers and filmmakers could make them. Even video editing software that delivers a green screen doesn’t come cheap. Adobe Premiere, for example, offers a green screen and other features for $19.99 a month, which is a real bargain. word-image-8612

4 Best software for green screens in 2021

In this case, there is another software that offers all green screen features and other editing functions for free. The four most popular software: –

1. iMovie

The iMovie software is developed by Apple. It is the ideal software to combine and merge video clips into a professional looking production. Besides basic editing functions such as cut, paste, copy, crop, etc., it offers several simple and easy-to-use effects, such as . B. integrated sound and animation, and especially a green background effect. iMovie features:

  1. The most widely used green screen editor for Mac.
  2. Can work on any iOS device. The work is multiplatform.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface.
  • The most user-friendly green screen software.
  • Animated titles are easy to create.
  • A high version of the operating system is required.
  • Importing MP4 files for editing is quite complicated.
  • Requires a large amount of disk space.

2. Virtual DUB

Virtual DUB offers free video editing functions and a green screen function for Windows. This software is mainly used for basic Windows editing functions and is not intended for professional video editing functions. Virtual DUB’s editing functions include swapping audio tracks, adding filters, trimming clips and adjusting the sound. Virtual DUB can also be used to process and recompress linear video streams. Its feature is a green background, which is not very effective. Virtual DUB functions:

  1. High stability.
  2. The green screen video is created by adding a plugin.
  • Green screen videos are created for different formats.
  • Compatibility and ease of use.
  • The green screen editor is quite primitive and simple.

3. Lighting works

Lightworks software has been used for almost 25 years. The software is supported by Mac/Windows/LINUX. This software has advanced green screen and video editing features and is used by professionals. Lightworks software can also be used by people who already have some editing experience. The audio and video effects functions can make green screen videos more attractive. In addition to the green screen function, you can also use proxies for 4k. Features of Lightworks :

  1. It offers a professional interface to users.
  2. Primarily intended for filmmakers.
  3. It’s an award-winning publishing house.
  • It’s relatively easy to upload 4k-quality videos to YouTube.
  • The timeline editing function is easy to use.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

4. HitFilm Express

This software is often used by beginners to learn green screen editing. It is a free green screen editor that allows you to create creative videos. Since this software is used by beginners to learn editing, HitFilm also offers many online courses. It has over 140 effects. The software is compatible with iOS and Windows. Features HitFilm Express :

  1. 2D and 3D compositing that lets you create videos on a green background.
  2. A wide range of transitions and tracks are available to improve the quality of the videos you create.
  • Different types of green screen videos can be created easily.
  • This program has an international community of filmmakers.
  • It takes a long time to learn how to use this software.


With the growing popularity of video editing and creation, it is important to have good editing software. The availability of high quality videos attracts a large mass of people. As a result, different types of software are being developed to enhance the viewer’s video experience. Attractive content is appreciated by all. The green background plays an important role in improving the quality of the video. The use of these backgrounds generates enthusiasm in the film industry, but also among digital creators.Are you searching for the best green screen software? One of them is greenscreen studio. It provides a lot of features so you can easily edit the background and provide a stunning background for your videos and photos. It can also create amazing effects like fire, rain, and snow.. Read more about green screen software for streaming and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best software for green screen?

The computer is the most amazing instrument of the 21st century. An invention that was painstakingly developed, but it was not until the technical advances of the late 1990s that its full potential was unlocked. With the development of the 3D graphics and processing technologies, the computer has evolved into a veritable powerhouse. It has developed into a complete multimedia powerhouse, and a computer that can function as a fully functional workstation. Green screen is a great way to make your phone’s display look like it’s floating in a virtual reality environment, but it also has some great uses outside of gaming. When you’re recording a video, a green screen lets you remove unwanted background clutter and replace it with a scene that makes it look like you’re in an entirely different location. This can be great for creating videos for social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, or it can be used for promotional videos for your business. The problem with green screen is that it requires a lot of additional work. You’ll need to find the right software, and the best way to do that is by reading this article.

What is the best green screen software free?

Green screen software helps you transform your computer or smartphone into a green screen for motion graphics production. It can be used for numerous purposes like presentations, movies etc. What is the best green screen software free? It is important to have good green screen software in your photoshop or edit-studio. It helps you to have professional graphic or film video content for your advertise, product or website. With a professional editing software, you can do an animation or use green screen for your video. But, what is the best software for green screen?

Which is the best chroma key software?

If you are looking for the best chroma key software, then you need to consider a range of factors, including the ease of use, the selection of features, the compatibility with other software and the price. Once you have the right software, it is also important that it’s stable and error-free. Here is the list of Top 4 Best Green Screen Software in 2021. When it comes to creating videos, it’s important to use the right tools. Sometimes, this means investing in expensive software. At other times, it means using free software. But, if you want to be an artist, there’s no substitute for a high-quality chroma key. In this article, we’re once again taking a closer look at the best chroma key software for any video production-related task you may need to tackle.

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