Pokémon has always been a huge part of my life, so it’s only natural that I love the new generation of Pokémon that the Pokémon Franchise introduced in Gen 4. I have spent hours upon hours catching Pokémon in the games and I find myself playing them even more in the anime series. I have seen a lot of people complaining that Gen 4 is too weak compared to previous generations but I just think it’s a lot of hype and not really worth worrying about.

Pokémon is one of the most popular and enduring video game franchises of all time, and it is likely the first game to get the ultra-popular Pokémon GO app. Pokémon XY and Pokémon ORAS are a little over one year old, but are still considered Generation 4 of Pokémon. With the recent surge of popularity surrounding Pokémon Sun and Moon, XY & ORAS are quickly being forgotten.

After more than a year of waiting, the day has finally come. As the sun begins to set on the latest generation of Pokémon, the thought of which shiny Pokémon are left to be discovered in the new region of Sinnoh begins to weigh heavily upon us. With a new type of Pokémon to discover, it is only natural that the first set of Pokémon to be discovered are the shiny-type.

The Gen IV remakes really took their time to come out. It feels like we’ve been waiting years for a return to Sinnoh. And this is the first time Game Freak has outsourced something like this, so yeah. Anyway, the hunt for glitter in Sinnoch has never been better. If you’re not sure which sparklers to choose in the new Generation 4 game, we have some suggestions for you.

15. Probopass

word-image-15170 Probopass is a bit of a niche product, and I understand that. It’s an unusual-looking Pokemon with a big mustache – and people love it. I, on the other hand, am not. Especially when the shiny version makes Probopass more human than ever. It retains all its colours except its body, which becomes more fleshy. I don’t know about you, but a floating head with a big nose and a mustache is not what comes to mind when I hear the word Pokemon. Nevertheless, it has a pretty cool and unique design that is worth mentioning, even if it comes in last place in our rankings.

14. Drapion

word-image-15171 Drapion and Toxicroac caught my eye in the fourth. The generation has escaped. I remember spending an inordinate amount of time in the Safari section trying to get it, but apparently without success. I would also love to go on the hunt for a shiny drapery. So it’s kind of annoying that I had to wait for SWSH to get one. The shine doesn’t seem to be anything crazy either. It’s just pink. It’s a nice shade of pink, though.

13. Rampardos

word-image-15172 I used to be a Diamond fan. So I was lucky enough to only get Rampardos. It’s just as well, because Bastiodon is one of the ugliest Pokémon around. This also applies to the glossy options. Pearl’s Bastiodon shows a slight change in color, while the difference with Rapardos is really noticeable. Instead of blue accents on the case, the glossy version has pink accents. It’s one of those little changes that, frankly, can be more of a floor opportunity than a gloss, which is usually a good thing. This is not unusual, but it is significantly different.

12. Lykiliki

word-image-15173 It seems like not a day goes by without me writing about Liquilik in one way or another. I tried my best not to include it in this list, but there was just no alternative. The clear lycilik is yellow, not pink. And I agree that the color change makes this Pokémon much less of a problem. But the fact that he always licks living creatures against their will remains unchanged.

11. Staraptor

word-image-15174 A normal Staraptor is a Pokémon that represents me during my emo phase. Shiny Staraptor is a Pokémon that my friends represent during their emo phase. The only difference worth noting is the transition from a red to a blue border. It’s a minor color change that doesn’t improve the design much. But it’s too thematic not to give Staraptor a place on this list.

10. Skuntank

word-image-15175 I never liked Skuntank. And I don’t think any of you can blame me. I mean, he’s just a skunk. This sucks. But there’s no denying that it has a beautiful sheen. It looks like someone dipped it in a vat of red dye, which is a hilarious image. Don’t get me wrong, I would never pursue something like this on principle. But this is one of the best shards you can get when you have time to kill in Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl.

9. Tangroot

word-image-15176 The clear tang is green. But not just any greens. It has the same shade of green as Luminous Espeon, making both Pokémon look like aliens. Well, Tangrowth is more like a big piece of knob. In reality, however, it can be both. Whether you want to believe Tangroot is an alien or a perfectly legitimate natural substance, it’s still a high quality shine that will put many Generation IV designs to shame.

8. Gallada

word-image-15177 Gallada is my favorite Pokémon of all time. So not putting him until the eighth hurts. I can’t deny that there are far more beautiful and brilliant things out there. Gallade brillant, like Gardevoir brillant, only turns blue instead of green. This change is not special. But since both Pokémon are two of my favorites, we have Gallad here on my rankings.

7. Pachirisu

word-image-15178 Pachirisu is the best Pikachu clone in the entire series, and it’s not even close. I actually prefer Pachirisa to Pikachu. The fact that I can use it again and the hope that it will be developed further is the only thing that makes me look forward to the remakes. Pachirisu is a cute little electric squirrel. How can you not like it? Not to mention that she once managed to win the FCC Master’s Division championship. The shiny Pachirisu also changes color nicely. Go from blue to pink. As for the Rampardos, it could just be a variant of the genre. But this brilliant design makes it an infinitely cuter Pokemon, so much so that I really want to hunt it.

6. Roserade

word-image-15179 There are two color combinations that I like when it comes to Pokemon design. One is red-black, like Grodon, and the other is purple-black, like a bright pink wheel. The changes in purple and black are also very subtle. Only the colors of the Pokémon roses change. But it works incredibly well. And it’s not just because this design is cool. The purple and black colors are more reminiscent of poison than red and black, which fits perfectly with the ninja theme Roserade adheres to. Of all the brilliant Generation IV Pokémon, this is probably the most attractive one that changes the least, and that’s saying something.

5. Luxray

word-image-15180 Luxray is a fan favorite Pokémon, and for good reason. It has a strong, simple design that embodies everything a Pokémon should be: a fighting beast. It’s not a reasonable object. The shiny version of Luxray is also a perfect example of what a shiny Pokémon should be. He changes the color of his skin to gold, and if all shiny Pokémon had the same color, it would be him. Shiny Luxray is strong, awesome, and embodies everything Game Freak did right in DPP.

4. Driftblim

word-image-15181 Drifblim is a sleeper hit for me. Before I made this list, I had no idea what it looked like. This is still a surprise. Because as soon as I saw it, I put it on my glitter hunting list. Unlike Roserade, where designs change discreetly, Drifblim is not afraid to show off his stuff. It will be an obnoxiously strong yellow and blue color scheme, and I love it. It’s a color combination that shouldn’t work, but it does. But maybe I have no taste, and that shiny Pokemon looks awful? To be fair, each of these options makes sense.

3. Giratina

word-image-15182 Giratina and Drifblim have an almost identical palette of brilliant colors. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it means I have the same reasons for liking them both so much. Giratina only beats Drifblim because she’s legendary. Oh, and it’s the Pokemon equivalent of Lucifer. That’s it. Here too, the combination of light mustard yellow and bright blue immediately catches the eye. It’s not always good for shiny Pokémon, but in this case it certainly is.

2. Lopuni

word-image-15183 Okay, how can I write this article without being immediately put on the checklist? Shiny Lopunny is…. Nice Pokemon. The pink accents make it look like a live UGG boot, which, I’m saying out loud right now, might have been a conscious design decision. This is one of the most unique lip glosses because it is clearly an alternative, but not distracting, color palette. This glow stands out and attracts attention without being too loud. For example, Giratina or Driftblim. Besides, it’s Lopunny, and if you know it, you know it.

1. Honchcrow

word-image-15184 I’ll never be convinced that Game Freak didn’t intentionally choose to make the brilliant Honchcrow look like a pimp. Too many coincidences for that to be true. The feathered hat, white scarf and purple cape are a colorful adaptation of the stereotypical image of the pimp seen in the movies. All Honchcrow needs is a walking stick. To be honest, it wouldn’t even matter if this brilliant design sucked. Honchkrow automatically gets the top spot because of the audacity of the design team that decided on something so bold and daring.With the new generation of Pokémon games on the horizon, I wanted to take some time to compile a list of my favorite shinies in the Sinnoh metagame (for the uninitiated, the metagame is the battle format used in the competitive scenes, as opposed to personal teams). I’ve included some of my favorite legendaries, but also a few of the more obscure and overlooked shinies that have either only been seen once or twice, or have only been seen once in the entire games.. Read more about unova shiny pokedex and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the coolest looking shiny Pokemon?

It’s hard to pick a favorite Pokémon, but we’ve gone ahead and done it for you, based on various features and criteria. Since Pokemon has a tendency to copy concepts from other games, we’ve tried to avoid that, as well as including all of the bad ones (sorry, Darkrai). Here are the 10 best shiny Pokemon from Generation 4: The new Pokémon that debuted in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, and then again in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, are just as fun as they are adorable. The shiny and colorful Pokemon designs are sure to turn heads and grab your attention, and are just as cool as the game’s legendary Pokémon, like Mewtwo, Hoopa, and Lugia.

What Sinnoh Pokemon can be shiny?

We’ve come to expect the most shiny of shinies from the new Pokémon releases, but we’re starting to get a little bored with the list of shiny Pokémon that are obtainable in the Sinnoh games.  So, what shiny Pokémon can we expect in the next generation? Well, this article will provide a rundown of the most shiny Pokémon that Sinnoh has to offer. What if there was a way to guarantee that a nick’s shiny Pokémon was shiny, no matter how many times the user saved it?

What is the rarest shiny Pokemon?

When it comes to the Pokemon series, there are a lot of rare and not so rare Pokemon. But not everyone can get a shiny Pokemon. In fact, there are only 10 shiny Pokemon in the entire entire Pokemon universe. There are more than a few reasons why this is. For example, a shiny Pokemon is created with the help of a special stone. Without a special stone, there is no way to get a shiny Pokemon. The other reasons include being able to access the Pokemon when it roams and not being able to evolve it. Pokemon is becoming popular more and more nowadays, and its popularity is spreading to all age groups. However, there is a question that has been on many people’s minds: “Is it even possible to find a shiny Pokemon?” Shiny Pokemon is a term used to refer to a Pokemon that has an appearance that is different from the original. A Pokemon is shiny when it has a shiny coat, a shiny shell, or a shiny bump on its head or back. The chances of finding a shiny Pokemon is very rare.

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