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Part of CSGO is getting skins. Skins can be earned through playing matches or completing missions and they can be used to get CSGO knives, gloves, M4A4 or AK47 skins, AWP or Scout skins. Although it’s an awesome part of the game, it’s not so great that you get to choose what you get. It’s a lot of grinding to get the skins you want and it can take a long time. But if you’re willing to work for it, you can sell your skins to other people that want them more than you do. However, you should make sure that you use a legit CSGO site like Skincasher, which is one of the best places to sell CSGO skins!

Any serious CSGO player knows that for participating in official
community games, players are rewarded with a box containing some
of the many weapon skins. Although most of these skins are not worth much,
sometimes you can earn rare and epic skins that can be sold for thousands of

SkinCashier is one of the most popular and reliable
marketplaces where you can sell winning skins and get paid for them.
So if you are an experienced CSGO player or want to know what to do
to sell your skins on, read on and
we will guide you through the process.

What are CSGO skins and how do I get them?

CSGO skins will be randomly assigned to
players as they move up the rankings. Normal players usually win up to three skins a week
, and the luckiest players win very expensive skins that can cost several
thousand dollars.

It is important to note that the skins do not affect the performance of the weapon. They are purely cosmetic, but
‘s often give other players an indication of their owner’s abilities. The most expensive
skins are bought by professional CSGO players who use them to intimidate their opponents and gain

You can get skins in the game by earning
‘s in lootboxes, but you can also buy them directly from the SkinCashier
store and place in-game bids. CSGO allows players to use skins as currency to bet on
matches. If they win the bet, they get their skins back, as well as the
skins the other players lost. By collecting more and more skins, you can win
the rarest skins and earn real money.

Determination of skin value

The value of a skin depends on many factors,
including its rarity, its popularity within the community and the skin itself
. We can’t go into all the details, but here is a rough
classification to help you determine the value of your skins:

  • White skins are the most common and can cost up to $25.
  • The light blue skins are a bit rarer than the
    ‘s and can cost up to $50.
  • Blue skins are considered mid-range
    skins, which can cost up to $125.
  • Purple skins are considered rare,
    and can cost upwards of $250 depending on the weapon.
  • Pink skins are even rarer, and at
    most cost between $300 and $600.
  • Red skins are the second rarest category of
    skins and some have sold for over $60,000.
  • Finally, we have the
    yellow (gold) skins, which are the rarest and can be sold for a lot of money.

How to earn CSGO skins

Say you’ve collected hundreds of
CSGO weapon skins of various rarities and you want to make money from them.
Valve, the company behind the game, has its own marketplace in
, where players can buy and sell skins, but without the ability to monetize them in

That’s where SkinCashier and other similar third-party
marketplaces come in. They just let players trade in collected
skins for real money. After receiving money on
their online wallets, players can choose their preferred withdrawal option and receive
real money for any skin.

This practice has allowed many
players to make a lot of money and practically create a business by buying and selling leather;
the same way stockbrokers make money with stocks. Even if you are not
interested in such a trade, selling a purple, red or yellow
skin can make you a lot of money in no time.

How to sell skins on SkinCashier

SkinCashier is one of the most popular
online marketplaces for trading CSGO skins, as it offers a number of important advantages.
We’ll get to that in a moment, but first let’s look at what you need to do to sell your hides in this market.

Step 1 – Log in to SkinCashier

Go to the website and log in with your existing Steam
account details. No need to create a new account,
just log in and you can see all available skins.

Step 2 – Add your company URL and email address

To be able to buy and sell skins, you need to enter your trading URL in Steam and your
email address. It’s just a
requirement that proves you’re a real CSGO player with real skins.

Step 3 – Select the skins you want to sell

When your inventory appears on page
, you can mark all the skins you want to sell by clicking on each skin.
It is very easy to choose the skins you want to sell. Remember
, you don’t get a skin back when you sell it. So be careful not to sell the skins you use to

Step 4 – Choose the desired payment method

All the money you earn from selling
skins is available in your online SkinCashier wallet. You can use
money on the spot to buy new skins, or choose one of the many
payment options available to get real money. These options include PayPal, Payoneer, Visa and Mastercard
, and even cryptocurrencies.

Step 5 – Accept the transaction

If you are happy with the current prices and the
skins you want to sell, remember to click the Accept button to complete the process
. Enter your Steam Guard verification code and the
transaction is complete.

Step 6 – Pay within 24 hours

The reason why so many players use SkinCashier
to sell their skins is the direct payment system, which is not found
on many other similar sites. All completed transactions will be sent to your chosen payment method
within the first 24 hours of the sale.

A brief overview of all the benefits you get
with SkinCashier

Here’s a brief overview of the benefits you get
when you use SkinCashier to trade in your CSGO skins (and others).

  • Just log in with your existing Steam
  • Great community and fair prices.
  • No hidden costs, because all
    costs are already included in the price you see.
  • Easy skin selection and transaction process
  • A safe and legal market.
  • More than a dozen different payment options
  • Free access to the latest news,
    game guides and expert advice.
  • Instant liquid silver in the first
    24 hours.
  • No risk.


This market is designed to provide a simple and user-friendly
for traders. It quickly became one of the most popular and reliable CSGO weapon skins
marketplaces on the internet, and
is still
used by thousands of amateur, semi-professional and professional players every day.

It is very easy to use, the
prices quoted are fair, and the whole
trading process is transparent and simple. So if you’re a CSGO player, SkinCashier is the perfect
place to make some extra cash by selling all those skins you’ve
collected over the years.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sell CS Go Skins fast?

If you want to sell CS Go Skins, you will probably be looking for the best place to do so. It is not at all easy to find a trading platform that has the right features, while at the same time avoiding those that are just trying to scam you. It is also important that you don’t have to go through a frustrating verification process or provide any personal information. Whether you’re into Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or you’re just a casual fan, you know that CS:GO and other games of the genre have a pretty big following. And if you play, you know how addicting it can be to play. You also know that there are a lot of things about the game that can look attractive to other people, especially if you’re looking to make some money. Now, if you’re new, you might hear people talking about CS:GO skins and other virtual items, and you might not know what that’s all about. Sure, it might sound weird to just buy and sell in-game cosmetics, but think about it this way: if

How do you sell CS Go skins for real money 2020?

When you buy a CS Go skin, you get an in-game weapon. The weapon has a different look than the original weapon, and value. The skins are purchasable from Skin Market. The details of the skin are visible. You can buy a skins for money. You can sell CS Go skins for real money. You can sell items for real money. You can get real money for CS Go skins. So you’ve decided to sell your CS:GO skins for real cash in 2017. That’s great because it gives you a chance to potentially make money by recycling your skins for their cash value. But where do you sell your skins for real money? The Internet is awash with sites claiming to buy CS:GO skins, but do they offer the best deals? And how do you know who to trust?

What is the best CSGO skin selling site?

In today’s world, where online gaming and e-commerce is so popular, the marketplace of the things you can buy for your game has expanded a lot. (This is even more true for the online shooter Counter-Strike Global Offensive, which has a very big community of people, all of whom love to play and to collect skins.) So, these days, there are a lot of sites where you can sell CSGO skins.  It might seem like a hard question, but only if you’re just starting out.  However, once you get to the point where you want to sell some of your skins, you will have a lot of options.  However, that doesn’t mean Using CSGOlounge is a great way to trade your Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins and items with other players. You are able to view each item’s price with this site, allowing you to easily compare and contrast what each site is offering. Another perk of using CSGOlounge is that the site is available on mobile devices, which is perfect for those who are always on the go.

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