How To Stream Netflix On Discord? – Easy Steps For Beginners 2021

Discord has been the go-to platform for gamers and is soon to be mainstream. With recent updates to make it more than just a gaming-focused chatroom, they’ve added features like Stage Channels that encourage open interactions between all their users whether you’re playing video games or not! Now if your friends have recently joined Discord then this is how we’ll teach them how easy hosting Netflix parties can be on there without any black screens issues–no customization needed at all.

Stream Netflix on Discord

So you want to stream Netflix on your Discord server? Well, unfortunately, there’s no way for mobile users (iOS and Android) due to the company’s Digital Rights Management policies. However, if that doesn’t bother then just let me a tell-and-show! You can easily share your screen with others while watching movies from within the app – complete privacy-protected viewing at 1080p HD quality without buffering or freezing playback like YouTube does sometimes when played back outside of its site domain (elevated privileges). And did I mention how much more organized everyone will feel after hosting these types of parties since we don’t have advertisements interrupting our conversations anymore?

Download Discord App

If you have been missing out on all of the cool features Discord has to offer, download their app now. Signing in with a QR code or using your credentials from before will get you started right away!

Disable Hardware Acceleration: Fix Black Screen Issue to Stream Netflix on Discord

Looking for a way to watch Netflix on your Discord server? If you’re experiencing the black screen issue, we’ve got just what you need! Follow these steps and in no time at all (less than four minutes!), streaming will be easy again.

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Disable Hardware Acceleration On Google Chrome

  • The next time you’re feeling uninspired, try opening your settings and see what cool tricks the Chromium browser has up its sleeve.
  • Do you want to know how fast your browser is? Head on over to the System tab from the left sidebar, under “Advanced Settings” and disable the option that reads ‘Use hardware acceleration when available. Restart Chrome after disabling this toggle!

Disable Hardware Acceleration On Microsoft Edge

  • If you want to take control of your account, then head over and click “Settings.” You can find this option in the top right corner by clicking on three horizontal dots!
  • Switch to the “System” tab from the left sidebar and disable all of your hardware acceleration options. Once done, restart the browser so you can stream Netflix without a black screen issue!

Disable Hardware Acceleration On Firefox

If you are using Firefox, click on the hamburger menu at the top right corner and choose “Settings”.

A new window will open with several options for customizing your browser: themes (change colors), add-ons/extensions – enable these if they’re available; History

Some people prefer to use the recommended performance settings, but others may want hardware acceleration disabled. Click on either option and you will see another checkbox for this in a tab labeled “General” underneath where it says “Performance.”

Play Netflix and Set up Discord

Discord has become a trending social media application in recent times, and with good reason. It’s an amazing way for friends who don’t live close or have any other means of communication to keep up on what’s going down without being together all the time. 

  • Open Netflix and keep your favorite movie or TV series ready to play. Once you have done this, minimize the tab so that it is easier for people on discord with whom are not as tech savvy can enjoy their time watching these videos without being overwhelmed by all of those bells and whistles!
  • To change your output tone of voice, simply click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner and select an option from this menu. All we need now is a little creativity!
  • “I was not able to find my game!” “That’s unfortunate,” you say, tapping your chin in disappointment. This is exactly why I created this guide! Clicking on “Not seeing your game?” will take us straight over there where it says ‘Add It!’ above an enabled button for adding new games.”
  • You will now see a list of apps running in the background. Pick the browser window with Netflix and click the “Add Game” button.
  • Now, navigate to the server you’d like to stream Netflix in and click on “Stream.” You can also join voice channels or share your screen with other people watching at home by selecting “Share Screen.”
  • For those who don’t have a Discord Nitro account, the maximum resolution you can stream is 720p at 30fps. To do so and watch Netflix content in 1080/ 60 fps with high quality graphics, an extended subscription fee must be paid for on top of monthly fees that range from $5-$20 per month depending upon what country one lives in as well as other variables such as internet connection speed or device capabilities (i Phone).
  • Once you have picked the channel and stream quality, click on “Go Live” to start streaming.
  • And that’s it! With this simple step, you can now have discord users join your twitch chat for watching Netflix.
  • When you want to end the watch party, just click on “End call” from our left sidebar.

Though now you know how to stream Netflix on Discord without any hiccups, there’s still one nagging question in your mind – is it illegal? And well the answer is yes. It’s against Twitch and other streaming platforms’ terms of service for friends groups within their own discord server but not elsewhere online like Facebook or YouTube with content creators/streamers who are part of those communities as long they belong into that specific community first through subscriptions rather than advertising cross-promotion between different channels during live streams


Q. Why is my screen black while streaming Netflix on Discord?

Getting a black screen while streaming Netflix on Discord is not an uncommon problem. You can fix the issue by disabling hardware acceleration in your web browser, which should be done for each individual one independently of what they are using to watch movies or videos. The steps needed vary depending upon which particular device you’re utilizing at home!

Q. Is it legal to stream Netflix on Discord?

Streaming Netflix on Discord is not allowed. However, it’s good to know the best way around this in case you want or need access anyways!

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