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You may have tried looking up drivers, or you may have found that you can’t find them on the Windows. Search for them on Google, but you’ll quickly find that all the drivers you’re looking for are being offered as EXE files. What gives? Well, these EXE files are not the drivers you need but are malware instead. They open a door to hackers by allowing them to steal your personal information. You need drivers that are real drivers.

For any Windows computer, one of the most frustrating things you can experience is not being able to find the correct driver for a newly installed device. If you’re lucky, you might find a link to a driver on the manufacturer’s website. Or maybe, you’ll find a link to a driver that “accidentally” got posted on the Internet. However, the need to find the correct driver is common. As an example, this tutorial will show you exactly how to install a driver without using an EXE file.. Read more about how to install drivers without setup file and let us know what you think.Matthew Adams. Windows and software expert Matthew is a freelancer and has written numerous articles on various technology-related topics. His main specialization is the Windows operating system and everything related to it. He’s passionate about… Read more

  • If you are wondering how to install drivers without EXE files, you can install them with INF files.
  • Note that third-party software is still useful for updating drivers.
  • You can also install drivers without an EXE file through File Explorer.
  • You can use the command prompt to manually install drivers in Windows 10.

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Most drivers downloaded from company websites have a setup.exe installer. However, not all driver packages come with installation EXE files. If the driver package does not have an EXE installer, you must install it with an INF (installation information) file. Allows you to install drivers without EXE files.

How do I install drivers that lack the setup.exe installer?

1. Installing drivers with the Driver Update Utility

You can easily install the drivers with the driver update program. When you scan the driver update utility, you see devices on your computer with outdated drivers. You can then automatically download and install the drivers for your PC with a few clicks. Driveris essential for your PC and all the programs you use every day. If you want to avoid crashes, freezes, errors, hiccups or other problems, you need to keep it up-to-date. The constant search for driver updates takes time. Fortunately, you can use an automated solution that safely checks for new updates and easily applies them, which is why we highly recommend DriverFix:

  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Start the application.
  3. Wait until DriverFix has detected all defective drivers.
  4. Now the program will show all drivers that have problems, and you just need to select the one you want to fix.
  5. Wait for DriverFix to download and install the latest drivers.
  6. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.


Drivers will no longer be an issue when you download and start using this powerful software today. Denial: This program must be upgraded from the free version to perform specific actions.

2. Manual driver update through the Device Manager

  1. First, invoke the Win + X menu by right-clicking the Start button.
  2. Select the Device Manager shortcut.
  3. Then expand the category that contains the device for which you want to update the driver.
  4. Right-click on the device for which you want to install the driver and select Update Driver.
  5. Then select the Search for drivers on the computer option.
  6. Click the Let me choose from a list of drivers available on my computer button.
  7. Click on the Have Disk button.
  8. Then click on the Browse button and select the folder where the driver INF file is located.
  9. Select the INF file to install the driver and click OK.
  10. You can then follow the on-screen instructions to install the selected driver package.

3. Determine selection of context menu items

  1. First open the File Explorer window.
  2. Then open the folder that contains the driver package.
  3. Right click on the driver INF file and select Install.
  4. Select Yes to confirm UAC (User Account Control).

If you do not see the INF file extension, go to the View tab in File Explorer. Then on this tab, check the File Name Extensions box.

4. Installing drivers from the command line

  1. To open the Windows Finder, press the Windows key + the S key combination.
  2. Enter the keyword cmd in the search box.
  3. Right-click on the command prompt in the search results and select Run as administrator.
  4. Then enter this command: pnputil.exe -a
  5. Press Enter to install the driver. You should then see a message at the command prompt indicating that the driver package was successfully added.

You must replace the above command with the full path to the directory containing the driver file. For example, if the driver file is located in C:Program Files, the command would be pnputil.exe -a C:Program Files filename.inf This way you don’t have to install the drivers via setup.exe files. If you cannot find the driver’s downloaded setup.exe file, install it using one of the methods described above. Also remember to back up your drivers from time to time. To do this, use the best driver backup software for Windows 10. Leave a comment in the section below and let us know which of our suggestions worked best for your intention to install drivers without EXE files. Still having problems? Repair them with this tool:

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Restoro was downloaded by 0 readers this month. Not enough details. It’s hard to understand Other Contact an expert Take part in the discussionI know, I know, it’s hard to believe, but there are still some computer users around who don’t know how to install drivers. They may be the ones who don’t want to download a huge EXE file from a website, or the ones who only want to use the program manually. And, if you’re not too sure about what to do, below I’ll show you how to get started.. Read more about no install option for inf file and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install drivers without exe?

If you’re new to computers, you may be confused by the terms drivers and exe files. Drivers install programs that other programs need to run. Drivers are usually installed when you buy your computer, but you can also get them from websites like Driver Easy. When you install a driver from a website like Driver Easy, the program automatically downloads and installs the driver on your computer. This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.

How do I manually install drivers?

If you’ve ever had to use Device Manager to manually install drivers for some unknown piece of hardware, it’s probably because you were looking for or trying to do something that didn’t require an EXE file (like installing a GameCube Controller on an Xbox 360). If you’ve gone through the trouble of manually installing a driver, you will probably be interested in other posts I’ve written about the process. If you aren’t using the latest Windows updates and automatic driver installation isn’t working for you, you can manually install drivers. It’s not hard, but it does take a little bit of work with a few different methods to find if one will fit your specific situation.

How do I install drivers from a zip file?

If you’ve ever installed Windows drivers, you know it’s never that simple. The traditional, Windows-only method of installing drivers does not always work for all devices. If you have a particular USB device you need to use, but the Windows installer will not detect it, or if your product requires a specific library of drivers, chances are you will either need to download the drivers and manually install them, or use the zip file method. One of the greatest joys of working in IT is having the ability to automate routine tasks and install new software. The process for installing a new piece of software is the same for any platform: locating the appropriate driver, verifying the software is compatible with Windows, and mounting the device where you want it. But the driver installation process is not always so straightforward. Sometimes you’ll need to install drivers by manually extracting the EXE file. Instead of waiting for that proverbial light bulb to appear over your head, you can download and extract the drivers using a freeware tool called UninstallAdmi nistration . This freeware tool allows you to extract common driver installations from binaries, EXE files, and ZIP files.

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