Every Mass Effect game has a Scan the Keepers mission, but completing Mass Effect: Andromeda’s on-rails shooting sequence isn’t easy. Unlike Mass Effect 2, the Keepers do not approach you, meaning you have to wander around the large map and find them. Thankfully, the exact locations of every Keeper in the game are now revealed, so you no longer have to spend hours wandering the map.

The Scan the Keepers achievement is one of the more time consuming and frustrating achievements in the game. This guide will tell you the location of all the Keepers in the game, as well as the optimal way to get all the keepers. Blog Outro: Thanks for reading this guide and hopefully this helps you out. Good luck!

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After speaking to the Council in the first Mass Effect game in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you are tasked with exposing Saren and his involvement in the attack on Eden Prime. At this point in Mass Effect, new possibilities open up and you can embark on side quests. One of these missions starts in the Citadel Tower, next to the Council Chamber.

There will be a Salarian named Chorban who tackles one of the green bugs. These creatures are guards, and they do most of the maintenance work in the citadel. You are asked to scan them and you have to find the 20 locations. You can find them all over the Citadel, in different places.

All memory locations

Citadel tower

Four guards are in the citadel tower.


  • The first goalkeeper will be alongside Chorban.
  • The second watch is located in the small corner to the right of the first watch, behind the rear admiral.
  • The third is on the same floor as the one where you addressed the Council, on the top floor. It’s hidden in the back on the right.
  • The fourth guard is closer to the entrance, in a small room to the left of the stairs before you descend to the elevator.


There are eight guards in the presidential area of the Citadel.


  • The first one is right behind the elevator that leads to the tower, next to Avina.
  • The second is next to the stairs leading to the stations.
  • The third is located in the back of the ambassadors’ lounge, which can be accessed from the corridor next to C-Sec headquarters.


  • The fourth is in a small room at the end of the embassy hall, a room without a room. It will be in the middle, in the back corner.
  • The fifth is in the Volus and Elcor office, back left.


  • The sixth guard is in front of the consorts’ rooms, just before you enter this area, on the left.
  • The seventh guard is at the bottom of the stairs, between the Empire and Consortium rooms.
  • The eighth and final guard is at the end of the emporium, on the second floor. You will find it on the left as you enter the second floor.


In the citadel, there are eight guards at guard level.


  • Taking the Presidio elevator to the rooms will take you to the lower levels. In the second room, before you descend to the next area, there is a guard in the back left area.


  • In the Upper Rooms, connected to the entrance of the Stream and the Rooms, you’ll find the guard left in the alley
  • There is a guard on the right side of the medical clinic.
  • The third guard is in the upper rooms of the upper markets on the left.


  • You reach the Flux Casino by walking up the stairs in the middle of the upper rooms. You will find it in the leftmost corner of the casino, behind the gaming rooms, on the second floor.


  • You can go to the Citadel: Safety via the stairs in the upper rooms. When you come down the stairs, go to the man of the props on the left, he is in the room on the left.


  • On the other side of the citadel: Security card, there is a guard in the traffic center at the other end of the hall, to the right of the entrance.


  • The moorings are accessible from the citadel: Security, a central elevator takes you there. At the end of the platform there is a guard on your right.


  • You’ll find the last guard in the lower rooms, which came from the citadel: Guard room, on the lower platform below the elevator in the dock. In the right-hand corner, the latest Guardian is displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all the keepers scanned?

When the 20/21 scans started, everyone expected them to be available at http://www.nintendo.com/3ds/eshop/scans/ . They were not. According to some of the more popular rumors, Nintendo wanted to make the 20/21 scans available on the official 3DS eshop, so that people could download them directly onto their systems. However, certain people with connections to Nintendo were said to have delayed this, and the scans are now available on the official Nintendo store, albeit in the form of a downloadable PDF. Scanning keepers for a high level alt or your main, is one of the best ways to get end-game gear. It’s easy to scan all the keepers but the problem is that sometimes you can’t do it over and over again, you have to wait for the next one to come by. But don’t worry, I’ve made a list that will show you exactly where to get all of the keepers you need to scan.

Where are all 21 keepers in Mass Effect?

Mass Effect 3 doesn’t include all 21 keepers. It only includes 20. That’s two keepers that are missing from the game. The question is where are they? The two keepers that are missing are # 7 and # 20. There are some theories about where these keepers are, but no one is quite sure. The reason that Mass Effect 3 does not include the keepers # 7 and # 20 is probably because of the high amount of bugs and glitches in the game. Mass Effect 3 has so many glitches that they probably couldn’t have fit the keepers # 7 and # 20 into the game. The reason that Mass Effect 3 has so many glitches is probably because the developers had to rush to create the game. Mass Effect The Mass Effect series is a science fiction action-role-playing game series developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. The story centres on a player character named Commander Shepard. Shepard is initially tasked with saving the Earth from a hostile alien race known as the Reapers, who will ultimately drive the civilized galaxy into a new era of darkness. Alongside fighting the antagonists, the player is often presented with major decisions that shape the direction of the story.

Should I keep scanning the keepers?

I got my hands on an old copy of Metroid Prime: Hunters for my Gameboy Advance. I remember reading about the game when it first came out and being really excited about it. It was the first Metroid game to be released on a handheld console, and it had received very positive reviews. Back then I was still a pretty big Nintendo fan and I had recently gotten my Gameboy Advanced SP. The GBA SP had just been released and I was really excited about the prospect of having a handheld console that could play games in full color. I waited for several months after the game was released until I finally had enough money to buy it. (Technology and Gaming) blog called “submitaction” The last time we talked about the keepers (a.k.a. Scan the Keepers), we were smack dab in the middle of the action. The blog post, titled “The Keepers: We are one and the same,” gave us a look at where things stood in the middle of the second season of the show. Now that the latest season has wrapped up, it’s time to revisit the storyline and see where the series is headed next.

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