Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a hugely popular genre of dance music that has become popular in the last few years. With the increase in popularity of EDM in the Western world, the demand for high quality equipment to mix the music with has also increased, as many people now have the opportunity to live their dream of having a long career in music mixing the music that people all over the world enjoy.

For those of you who enjoy listening to electronic dance music (EDM), the thought of wearing headphones while doing so can make you cringe. There is a stigma attached to wearing headphones, and you’ll often be viewed as a hipster, or worse, a poser.

As the name implies, in-ear headphones are designed to be worn in or on the ear. This makes them perfect for both traditional and electronic dance music listeners, but they are also suitable for many other uses as well.

Electronic dance music has taken the world by storm in recent decades and is one of the most popular genres in the world. EDM artists perform everywhere, from clubs to major festivals. But if you want to listen to EDM up close, you need high quality headphones. In this article, we will talk about the best headphones for EDM. We’ll look at some industry standards, some audiophiles, and even some wireless options. Our top picks are Sennheiser HD 25, and Beyerdynamic DT 177X GO. But of course we have many options for you. Keep scrolling for more information.

The best headphones for EDM

Sennheiser HD 25 – Recommended choice

Sennheiser HD 25 (Image: Amazon) word-image-17761 Read reviews on Amazon Sennheiser is a manufacturer known for producing industrial quality headphones. One of the most popular models is the Sennheiser HD25. It is the gold standard in DJ headphones, and has been the choice of professionals since its release in 1988. His deep roots in the DJ and electronic scene alone make him one of the best pairings for EDM listening. With its thunderous bass, it is capable of producing clean, punchy and accurate bass. This does not detract from other important frequencies such as the midrange. More complex electronic tracks with more elements in the mix are nevertheless accurately reproduced by the HD 25. The only drawback might be the background noise. And frankly, most closed-back competitors have the same problem. It doesn’t render tracks with a wide and airy sound optimally. Yet he holds his own with confidence and is able to provide an enjoyable experience. Moreover, the impedance of the HD25 is only 70 ohms. It is low enough to power most modern devices like smartphones. However, it is high enough not to overload the drivers when using more powerful sources. Sound quality isn’t the only reason the HD25 is such a highly regarded headset.  It is made like a tank and is therefore suitable for both everyday use and on stage. It is usually made of plastic. However, the plastic used is of very high quality and guarantees a long life span. The use of plastic also makes the HD 25 light and flexible for different application scenarios. Spare parts are also user replaceable and are sold by Sennheiser in case of problems. Finally, the HD25 is one of the best headphones for noise isolation. The HD25 dramatically reduces most ambient noise, so you can better enjoy your music. Note, however, that the HD25s have a tall design. Although the HD25 is known to be comfortable, headphones are known to be uncomfortable for many people. So keep that in mind if you are interested in the HD25. Overall, the HD25 easily sets the bar for EDM headphones. If you want a pair that professionals trust and even use often to make the songs you listen to, the HD25 is one of our top recommendations.

Beyerdynamic DT 177X GO – Premium selection

Drop X Beyerdynamic DT177X Go (Photo: Drop) word-image-17762 Drop test If you want to enter the world of high-end audiophiles, the DT 177X Go is one of the best high-end headphones with good value for money. This pair is the result of a collaboration between Drop and Beyerdynamic to create the more affordable Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro . If you’re familiar with Drop’s offerings, you’ll know that the DT 177X GO isn’t a cheaper, highly stripped-down version of the original model. You get the real thing, but with small changes that don’t negatively impact the overall experience. Let’s talk about the sound quality first. The DT 177X GO is probably one of the best closed-back headphones for electronic music. And one of the main reasons for that is his reaction to low tones. Beyerdynamic is known for offering an extraordinary bass sound in its headphones (especially the DT 770 Pro). And these headphones happen to have one of the best bass in the range of headphones. The DT 177X GO is capable of producing deep, powerful bass that is incredibly expressive, allowing you to hear every detail and nuance in the low frequencies. It is able to accurately reproduce instruments that take your listening experience to the next level. And the DT 177X GO achieves this without any loss of midrange. The midrange is slightly muted, but smooth and crystal clear. The vocal tracks are easily separated and independent from the rest of the mix. These technical features make the DT 177X GO a versatile headphone, not only for EDM. Now let’s talk about the difference between the DT 177X GO and the DT 1770 Pro. The only difference between the two (aside from minor cosmetic differences) is the impedance. If you do not know what it is, we have prepared a separate article for you. But really, that’s one of the factors that determine whether you need a headphone amplifier or not. The original DT 1770 Pro had an impedance of 250 ohms, which meant that a headphone amplifier was required to get the best results. In the drop version, the DT 177X GO has an impedance of just 30 ohms, making it much easier to drive. You can use anything from a smartphone to a computer’s built-in sound card to power them for the best results. The only drawback is that if you want to make the sound signature warmer, you reduce the synergy with tube amps. But for the price, it’s a reasonable compromise. If you’re looking for a high-end headphone with the technical capabilities to accurately reproduce EDM songs, but also the fun factor to make listening enjoyable, the DT 177X GO is one of the best headphones on this list.

Sony WH1000XM4 – Recommended radio

Sony WH 1000XM4 (Image: Amazon) word-image-17763 Read reviews on Amazon Our next selection is for regular users who need a reliable wireless ANC pair. This is nothing short of the best ANC headphones, Sony WH1000XM4. Its predecessor, the Sony WH1000XM3, was already the undisputed champion of wireless headphones. But Sony is not resting on its laurels and is constantly improving its range.  This is evident in the small improvements to the XM4 that take the WH1000XM4 to the next level. But before we talk about the improvements of the WH1000XM4, let’s talk about the sound quality. Both the previous generation XM3 and XM4 have a nice, low-end sound character that is perfect for EDM. But unlike most of its wireless competitors, the WH1000XM4 doesn’t limit itself to bass. The sound is perfectly round, with enough detail in the midrange and treble to allow the other instruments to ring through. This allows the WH1000XM4 to perform on both aggressive and quiet erosion patterns. As far as audio changes go, the most notable is multi-device support. With XM4, you can now connect and switch between devices seamlessly. You can connect to your smartphone to take calls, then switch to your laptop/tablet to continue what you started. The ANC system has also been improved in the XM4. The differences are small, but the improved ANC system removes more noise and is much better than the previous version. Sony is only widening the gap between its headsets and the competition. The earbuds also feature a proximity sensor that automatically stops music or video playback if the earbuds are removed. This handy function was already used in Sony’s WF1000XM3 and is a welcome addition to the XM4. The XM4 microphones have also been improved. Five microphones help suppress background noise during a call, so your voice can be better heard and understood by the person you’re talking to. Sony has also improved features that were already present in the XM3. If you put your hand on the right earpiece, you can hear your surroundings. The headset automatically disables ANC, lowers the music volume and amplifies your surroundings. You can also set the headphones to stop playing when you start talking. This prevents you from having to break off occasionally if you’re just trying to sing along. Both functions can be fine-tuned in the supplied Sony application. Overall, the Sony WH1000XM4 is once again the undisputed champion of wireless headphones. If you need an ANC system and a reliable wireless system, the Sony WH1000XM3 is the best pair.

Hifiman Sundara – Open face helmet

Hifiman Sundara (Image: Amazon) word-image-17764 Read reviews on Amazon Open-front headphones are generally considered to have a less dense sound than closed-front headphones. While this is true of many Sennheiser headphones with dynamic drivers, headphones with planar magnets are a different matter. And one of the best for EDM is Hifiman Sundara. The Sundara is Hifiman’s sub-$500 planar magnetic headphones, often considered the best in their price range. It manages to capture the magic of Hifiman’s high-end headphones and is an excellent introduction to planar magnet headphones. The Hifiman Sundara features the same design elements as the entry-level Drop HE4XX , but with a more modern look and a new Hifiman headband design. The headband is self-adjusting, just like other high-end Hifiman helmets. In terms of sound quality, the Hifiman Sundara offers dense and powerful bass via planar magnetic drivers. It also has a clear midrange and sparkling treble to balance the soundstage. But unlike other closed-back headphones in this price range, the Sundara has a more open sound, giving many EDM songs a more natural and realistic sound. In addition, Sundara has excellent optics. That way you can easily point out the different elements of the mix, which adds to the immersion. All in all, if you’re looking for an open pair that fits the electronic music genre, the Hifiman Sundara easily fits that bill.

Audio Technica M50X/M50X BT

Audio Technica M50X Red Limited Edition (Photo: Amazon) word-image-17765 Read reviews on Amazon Audio Technica ATH M50X are probably the most popular headphones on this list. You can easily come across them in professional music studios, as well as many content creators on YouTube. However, his popularity is not due to the quality of his sound. There are many helmets in this price range that easily surpass them. However, their clever design and versatile sound character have made them a major player in the headphone market. As for the build quality, everything is plastic with metal hinges to protect the fragile parts. They are well made and guaranteed to last a long time, even if you just throw them on the ground. In addition, these headphones fold down to a more compact size for easy transport. The detachable cable is also a plus, as it is one of the first things to break on a headset. The only real problem many users have is with the M50X’s material, the placer. My own pair got scales after about two years of heavy use. We have also seen messages from other users. Audio Technica M50 50th Anniversary Edition (Photo: Stephen Menor) word-image-17766 Audio Technica and other manufacturers offer interchangeable ear cushions made of alternative materials such as velvet, so ear cushions shouldn’t be a problem. However, the headband cannot be easily replaced. Headband protectors can be purchased to solve this problem, but it would be nice to have official support from Audio Technica. In terms of sound performance, the M50X is not flat like other studio monitors. This is a major obstacle for many users. However, this is a big advantage for EDM. The sound signature of the M50X is approximately V-shaped. The low frequencies are amplified and the midrange is slightly attenuated. This gives the M50X the ability to deliver powerful bass and enhance the excitement of songs. Audio Technica M50XBT (Image: Amazon) word-image-17767 Read reviews on Amazon But it also means that there are enough midtones to hear the voices. The M50X can of course lower the bass level to let other instruments through. This makes the M50X very comfortable for any type of sparking machine. If you like the M50X, it is also available in a wireless version. The M50XBT is pretty basic and lacks advanced features like ANC and LDAC. But this doesn’t detract from the M50X’s performance, and it can still be used in wired mode if you want to pair it with audiophile or professional equipment. If you’re looking for a balanced pair with sound and build quality that meets industry standards, we recommend the M50X.

V Mode transition M100

V-Moda Crossfade M100 (Image: Amazon) word-image-17768 Read reviews on Amazon TheV Moda Crossfade M100 is another popular headphone that meets all EDM requirements. In fact, it’s often used by popular EDM artists like Martin Garrix and The Chainsmokers. The M100 is similar in many ways to the ATH M50X, especially in terms of features and sound quality. And the two models are also similar in terms of assembly. The M100 features a foldable design, detachable cable and lightweight form factor. Unlike the M50X, however, the M100 is smaller. This makes them look more discreet, more pleasant to look at in public than the M50X. The M100 is mainly made of metal, some parts are plastic. A unique aspect of the M100 is the ability to customize the front plates. This allows you to customize the style of the headphones to your taste or incorporate your brand. This feature is no longer available on many headsets. One of the newest devices with such a feature is the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. Although adjustment is possible, you cannot change any part of the headphones, such as B. drivers or hinges, replace them if they break in the future. The quality of construction is excellent and the ability to interchange different parts gives you peace of mind. In terms of sound, it has more bass than the M50X, but is more balanced than traditional DJ headphones like the Sennheiser HD25. It has a reasonable amount of detail, while still remaining at a high and unobtrusive level. This makes it ideal for bass-heavy and quieter genres. Overall, the M100 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a small, lightweight pair with good tuning and sound quality comparable to established favorites.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless

Beats Studio 3 Wireless (Image: Amazon) word-image-17769 Read reviews on Amazon Beats is probably one of the best known brands in headphones. It has been featured in many music videos and is very popular in the recreational music market. And despite much criticism from the audiophile community, the beats of the 2nd and 3rd editions were very good. Generation of really good headphones. This is largely due to Apple’s acquisition of Beats in 2014. But the latest generation of Beats products is still not a direct competitor to the audiophile offerings on this list. But if there’s one thing they excel at, it’s EDM. As the name suggests, the Beats Studio 3 is naturally good at bringing beats to life. These headphones have a low sound character that produces a buzzing low frequency. But unlike its predecessors, the bass here is much more controlled and doesn’t intrude too much into the midrange. Voices are audible in this unit, but they are not as detailed and natural as in the other models on this list. The same goes for the heights. His presence is noticeable in the mix, but rather discreet. Studio 3 only really falls apart when it comes to more technical genres like classical music. But when it comes to EDM exclusively, these headphones are pretty competent. Studio 3 is also equipped with an ANC system. It suffices in most situations, but will never match the performance of the Sony WH1000XM3 and XM4. But if aesthetics are important to you, the Studio 3 easily surpasses most offerings on this list. The largest number of finishes and limited editions are available here. Overall, the Beats Studio 3 is an excellent pair of headphones that are great for EDM. It doesn’t have the best ANC performance and it doesn’t have the best sound quality. But if you just want to listen to EDM, this is a good choice.That’s right, we are starting a new series here on submitaction.com, and it is called “Best Headphones for EDM – Wearable In Ear” It’s a growing market and it seems as though everyone is trying to cash in on it. However, even though there are a ton of options you have to chose from, it’s not always easy to find the perfect pair of headphones for you. Today we will take a look at the best headphones for EDM and we’ll cover some of the best options you’ve got out there.. Read more about best headphones for edm production and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What headphones do EDM producers use?

In the course of my job as a freelance audio engineer, I’ve had a chance to work with a lot of different producers and engineers, and I’ve noticed a common thread among them: they tend to avoid using headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC). Most of them prefer headphones with a simple flat response, as opposed to the more “musical” headphones with ANC. Once upon a time, the choice of headphones for DJs was very limited. Only the big players—like Sennheiser and AKG—could produce decent cans. Then, a guy named Denon got on the scene. The first models were terrible sounding, but Denon was able to produce a decent headphone later on. This initial success quickly lead to a thriving market for high-quality in-ear headphones, and many companies have entered the market since.

Which headphones do audiophiles use?

Recently, the audio industry has been experiencing a surge in popularity of the headphone market. Whether it’s for the superior audio experience, the need to be heard over the noise of the party, or the desire to keep the outside world out of your music, sound has become a major part of modern life. The market for headphones is becoming more and more saturated, but if you’re an audiophile, this can be a good thing. More choices mean more money to spend on the right headphones! You can’t just go out and pick up the best pair of headphones for listening to EDM (an electronic dance music genre). There are a lot of factors to consider, from the comfort of the materials used to the noise cancelling capabilities and the amount of isolation (i.e. the ability to keep outside noises out). But what does the average audiophile look for in a pair of headphones?

Which headphone is best for listening song?

DJs, musicians, and audio enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best new music headphones for their personal use. But where these DJs and musicians go to get the best sound possible, most don’t know; and that is why we are here! Our aim is to help DJ’s and musicians make the right choice for their ears. Every headphone has its own benefits and features, and it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you. For example, if you’re looking for a pair of headphones that you can work out with, then our pick of the best headphones for working out, the Monster iSport Free, is the ideal choice. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that are portable and comfortable, then our pick of the best headphones for portable listening, the Koss PortaPro, is the right choice. And if you’re looking for headphones that are the best for listening to music, then our pick of the best headphones for listening to music, the Sennheiser HD 598, is the right choice.

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