When you’re playing a long game as challenging as Final Fantasy the size of XV, you want to make the most of every moment. That means building up a party that can handle whatever the game throws at you.

This list of the best party members from every world will be updated as we play more of the game. The idea is based off of Buzzfeed’s list of the best party members from every world, and we will be using the same rankings. These rankings are not final, and will be regularly changed to reflect our changing opinions and the changing metagame.

What good is a Kingdom Hearts game without your trusty companions?

If we’re going to open keyholes in a bunch of Disney worlds, we’ll probably need some new band members to help us out. I mean, do we really want to be with Donald the whole game?

Many players choose not to include Donald and Goofy in their main group, because they don’t see the point in using a character they haven’t spent much time with.

And while it’s good, you miss a lot of funny moments and details that you wouldn’t have seen if you hadn’t seen the other characters.

Quotes, interactions, and restrictions are unique and fun elements that each group member contributes.

And here’s my list dedicated to the band members in Kingdom Hearts 2/2.5, ranked by their best use in battle and also looking at those who are just fun to hang out with!

10. Mulan/Ping

The first item on the Disney Worlds list for your trip is Dragon Country.

Although this is the first time Sora and his gang are here, they are immediately greeted by a familiar face. Mushu, who was the caller in the previous game, welcomes the group with open arms.

But being such a cunning little devil, Mushu decides to get the gang to help him and Mulan – or Pinks at the time.

Unfortunately, that’s where the main interactions between the group and Mulan end, aside from a few small scenes here and there. Without time to soak up the chemistry of the main trio, Mulan seems a little absent-minded.

And Sora, Donald and Goofy were just getting back together after a long nap. So it might be better to get to know them as members first, because then they will stay with you longer.

Mulan’s border, Dragonblaze, is also a bit scarce. Once activated, Mulan just floats next to Sora and Mushu does all the work. This one creates a nice and bright blaze, but it looks like an improved version of Mushu’s summon in KH1.

9. Level

Talk about familiar faces. Beast is back and can now fight with the gang instead of being the only participant in the final act of KH1.

But in KH2, he came back and became even more grumpy, focused only on his rose and grief.

The Beast does not immediately join your group.

After you have brought the great man to his senses, he will come to you to repent of what he has done. So his inclusion in the game seems appropriate, and also creates an interesting parallel to his story in KH1.

But the beast’s attacks are slow and lethargic, so it needs time to prepare.

He only has power and no magic, so if you use him, I recommend replacing Goofy to keep magic on the team.

The Beast’s ultimate attack, Howling Moon, ends with a powerful AOE blast. If you’re surrounded by the Heartless in the castle, this can be a good option for the final blow.

8. Captain Jack Sparrow

Yarrrh, meet the infamous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

In this world, we don’t fight heartless people, we fight cursed pirates!

So, naturally, it would make sense to have an experienced swordsman at the helm. Jack is brash and arrogant, so it’s fun to be around him. His relationship with Sora is similar to that of his older brother, as Sora loves the pirate life too much and Jack plays along with him.

Jack’s attacks are a bit slow and clumsy, although he is a light-footed pirate.

He’s also a pure power fighter, so don’t expect him to do magic with his thunderbolt.

And the restriction, Treasure Isle, can be a bit confusing to use. This fringe attack with a cutscene and a strange mechanic to lure enemies into a treasure chest can be frustrating and difficult to plan at times.

7. Simba

Simba is a bit different from the rest of the group, as his world is more or less built around his fighting style.

The Pride Lands is similar to KH1 Atlantica, where the movement and attack style changes completely.

Don’t expect Sora, Donald and Goofy to fight like they usually do when in their animal form.

This new style of play can be difficult to master at first, much like swimming.

But since he’s a caller in KH1 (just like Mush), the gang already knows Simba, and they’ve already formed a bond. This makes it much more appealing to use because it’s like meeting up with good friends.

If you’re having trouble adjusting to Sora’s new lion form, it can be fun to use Simba, as his ultimate attacks are fast and chaotic, but easier to control.

The final attack of this limit is also a powerful AOE move that can help clear an area if you are surrounded and overpowered.

6. Auron

The Land of the Dead can be a scary and dangerous place. So who better to help you through this literal hell than the first member of the Final Fantasy band in Kingdom Heart – Auron!

Auron plays an important role in this Olympus Coliseum story and seems to be an integral part of the plot.

His presence in your group allows you to connect more deeply with him, making the bigger story of the world have more impact on you.

If you’ve played Final Fantasy X, you’ll probably feel even more connected to the game.

Auron is pretty fast on offense, but has no magic. His limit, the overdrive, is a very nice gesture.

With the power of Auron’s sword and the battlefield, a barrage of blows, cuts and other words to cut are used against the heartless. His last ultimate move is AOE, where he and Sora create a disc mill that attacks everyone around them.

5. Aladdin

This is not the first time the gang has roamed the wild deserts of Agrabah.

Because Sora got to know all the characters early on, he has become good friends with all of them. Working with Aladdin is like working with an old friend.

And being a street rat means you have to be quick on your feet. Dodge guards and enemies like sand on the beach. Of course, Aladdin is exactly that.

His Skimitar attacks are light and fast, while he deftly dodges and evades. The same can be said for his limit, Trick Fantasy.

In this marginal movement, he teams up with Sora. Then you and Aladdin chop up your enemies with satisfying ease (and some brilliant displays of swordplay), and end it all with a little high-five.

When Sora controls the spirit with her incantation, Aladdin is freed from the magic. Keep this in mind when you decide to replace them.

If your only concern is a lack of healing magic, Aladdin has your back, as he immediately gets 3 potions and 2 ethers, more than any other exclusive group member.

Let’s hope he bought the drink and Abu didn’t steal it from a street vendor.

4. Jack Skellington

What is it? What is it? The Pumpkin King was back and even scarier than before.

Or more fun than ever, because he had just learned what Christmas was all about.

Like Aladdin, Jack has already become a good friend. And he immediately hurries to invite them to experience this new feast with him.

Jack is a pretty strong fighter, both in terms of strength and magic.

This allows Donald or Goofy to replace Jack on rare occasions.

Limit Jack Applause is one of the smartest and funniest in the game. As befits a true entertainer, Jack and Sora perform a dance with various spooky creatures, such as ghosts and pumpkins, and end it with a light show.

Even if you don’t plan to use Jack for an extended period, it’s worth keeping an eye on this limit.

In my opinion, the only downside to Jack is that you have to decide who to replace, because Goofy and Donald have really cute and unique costumes for Christmas Town and Halloween Town.

3. Tron

Tron and Space Paranoids as a whole are a unique situation for this list.

The world of Tron isn’t just another Disney universe to fly into, it’s intimately tied to the story.

Tron lives in Ansem the Wise’s computer and acts as a protection program for Radiant Garden. This is a good incentive to get him on your team.

They need a digital guide to guide them through the digital world, especially considering how inept Sora and the rest are with computers.

Like Jack, Tron can use violence and magic, and uses his gift to break into the central computer.

Limit Tron combines intelligence and brawn. As a team, Sora defeats his enemies and Tron chops up the area around him.

If you love the sci-fi aesthetic (or if you love this movie), you’ll definitely want Tron on your side.

2. Donald and Goofy

Of course, Donald and Goofy are at the top of this list, because you use them (or at least one of them) for most of the game.

Sora, Donald and Goofy are together all the time. And we always support each other.

The ability to equip them with new weapons is also a big plus, since you can’t change the party members’ world-exclusive weapons, only certain accessories.

Donald and Goofy are the most customizable and upgradeable members of the game. So it makes sense that they would be the most useful.

If you’re the kind of player who likes to grind and adapt your game to your settings and preferences, you’re more likely to stay in the game with these two players.

And if you want to go beyond defeating all the optional bosses, sorting through the data and finding the missing silhouettes, it’s worth spending some time perfecting Donald and Goofy’s physiques. Because they will guide you through most of this content.

And don’t be afraid to push the limits. Donald and Goofy have their own limits to help Sora when he needs it most.

1. Riku

They are finally together, in the same camp, against the same enemy.

It’s long overdue, so how can we not work with Riku in the final act?

Until now, you have always fought on the side against Riku’s power. Now is the time to put that power to work for you.

In the interest of spoiler protection, I won’t say much about the final act of the game. But Riku becomes very important in the very last part of the game.

This makes the time you spend with him worthwhile, as you can learn his techniques and fighting style.

Having Rika on your team is like having two Sora’s, meaning he has all the skills of pure power and magic.

His edge is also one of the most fun and exciting, as he and Sora work together to fight enemies – with a few quips along the way.

Having met these two in KH1 and KH:CoM, nothing beats the feeling of finally fighting side by side.

If it had been like this all the time…

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